Video Course 

Modern Vlogging

  • Course to help business owners & entrepreneurs use Vlogging to attract buyers and leads to their business.
  • Some Vloggers have made Vlogging into their sole, full time business. 
  • Series of 10 easy to follow videos to get started with Vlogging for your business immediately.    

Video Course Summary

  • An introduction to Vlogging for your marketing & business.
  • What is Vlogging and how to get started.
  • Ideas for Vlogs.
  • Tips for successful Vlogging & the delivering quality content.
  • Creating videos for your Vlog.
  • Optimising your videos to ensure success.
  • Free tools to grow your viewers and subscribers fast.
  • Monetising your Vlog to generate income for your business.
  • Adopt Vlogging best practices.

Course Value – £49 

How To Access

The course is available to all All DTA Members.  If you have a membership please login and download. Or sign up for a DTA  membership.  

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