Video Course

Social Media Masters 

  • Social media offers businesses a powerful way to access targeted customers like never before.
  • All businesses, entrepreneurs, B2C, B2B businesses can tap into a world of new customers quickly.
  • This powerful 15 video course empowers you to become a social media master and take charge of your lead generation needs.
  • No prior experience needed – the videos teach you social media marketing step by step.

Video Course Summary

  • 15 videos on getting your business on social media.
  • The benefits social media can bring for your business.
  • How to adjust social media campaigns based on your business type & industry.
  • Faster & easier social media marketing for ideal results.
  • Niche research & targeting your ideal customer.
  • Content curation for better results.
  • Reverse engineer your competitor’s best content.
  • Marketing content to your list.
  • Automatic content sharing.
  • Scale up targeting for more profits.

    Course Value – £99     

    How To Access

    The entire video course is included in the DTA Pro Membership Area.  If you have this membership please login and download. Or sign up for a DTA Pro membership.  

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