Video Course

Webinar Conversion Masterclass

  • A useful video course for those looking for a complete blueprint to build high converting sales webinars from start to finish.
  • Join thousands of businesses who have started using webinars to funnel highly targeted leads to their websites and business.
  • Discover how to convert your webinars at an astonishing 35% with the tactics and information contained in the course.
  • 9 part video course takes you step by step from beginning to end.

Video Course Summary

  • Introduction to webinars and key tools to weaponize.
  •  Identifying your webinar audience.
  • The killer blueprint for the perfect webinar – customize according to your business.
  • Delivering a sales converting angle to your webinar.
  • The webinar host.
  • Strategies to excite your audience about your product during the webinar.
  • Delivering a killer pitch during your webinar.
  • How to justify your product price within your webinar.
  • The right way to wrap up your webinar to encourage maximum sales.

Course Value – £99     

How To Access

The entire video course is included in the DTA Pro Membership Area.  If you have this membership please login and download. Or sign up for a DTA Pro membership.  

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