Video Course

Market Your Business On TikTok

  • Unleash the buying power of TikTok consumers.
  • Ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales and reach customers via TikTok.
  • Step by step videos that show the right way to set-up marketing on the TikTok platform.
  • Set of 10 easy to view, no-fluff videos, created in a systematic and easy to follow way.

Video Course Summary

  • An introduction to the consumer melting pot that is TikTok.
  • Why marketers can get an edge by using TikTok.
  • Getting started with TikTok & creating the right foundation for your TikTok marketing campaigns.
  • Creating content that sells on TikTok.
  • The importance of hashtags on TikTok.
  • Killer marketing strategies for TikTok.
  • Use TikTok Ads to reach your ideal consumers quickly.
  • TikTok Analytics – learn how to use TikTok data to optimise your results.
  • Best practices, hacks and tips to get the most out of your TikTok marketing campaigns.

Video Course Value – £99     

How To Access

The entire video course is included in the DTA Pro Membership Area.  If you have this membership please login and download. Or sign up for a DTA Pro membership.  

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