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Below are some of the key courses and resources available with a Digital Thynk Academy membership. 

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Courses & Resources Inside

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Wordpress Web Design


A comprehensive, easy to follow WordPress web design video course – after finishing, you’ll be able to create dreamy websites for your own businesses, or even sell premium sites as a web designer. 

Included With Pro & Gold Membership

Course Value £199

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Digital Press Release Kit


Learn how to get an immediate publicity blaze for your company and your key products / services.

The DTA Digital Press Release Kit resource shows you secrets of the Digital PR world, including how to write brilliant PR & where to distribute it for incredible publicity.

Included With Pro & Gold Membership

Course Value £99


Media Traffic Buying


A powerful video course that will show you how to use media traffic to build your business and explode your customer base.

Presented by an expert with over 15 years of media buying success.

Included With Pro  Membership

Course Value £99

Instagram Advertising Success

Missing out on your leads and customers who are on Instagram? The platform has over 1 billion users worldwide – with this comprehensive video training course, you’ll be able to switch on Instagram for immediate business success.

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £199

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Podcasting For Business

Podcasting has become big business by itself. Many “ordinary” folk have created a business for their podcasts. Our course shows you how to switch on a stream of targeted leads , traffic and sales for your business through podcasts. It’s easier than you might think, and all you need to get started is inside

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £99


Social Media Marketing Masters

You know your business needs to have a presence on social media.

Not sure how to tap into the billions of consumers using the main social media platforms? This video course shows you how to tap into the endless traffic and leads available on platforms like FB and Twitter amongst others.

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £99

Email Marketing Fundamentals

Not using email marketing for your business? It’s one of the most powerful, low cost ways of creating a rapport and generating repeat sales. This comprehensive video training shows you how to harness the power of email marketing for your business, even if you are starting from scratch.

Included With Pro & Gold Membership

Course Value £49

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Vlogging For Business

Vlogging has become a powerful way of generating traffic, leads and sales. Some Vloggers are making a full time income just by video-blogging about their passions.

This exciting video course shows you how to start your own Vlog, and use it as a way to increase your website traffic, leads and sales. 

Included With Pro & Gold Membership

Course Value £49 

Customer Intelligence & Research

In modern marketing, knowing your customer means you’ll get more of them.

This thorough video course outlines how to research your consumer using online tools. And how to zero in on the places your consumers are likely to be. Valuable training to improve your customer acquisition. 

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £99

Free Traffic & Leads From PDF Files

Digital marketing has the potential to be smart. It’s possible to get traffic, leads and sales in clever and low cost way. Like PDF Marketing. 

 In this course, you’ll discover how seeding simple PDF files around the internet can bring you free, targeted traffic to your website. Which will bring leads and sales.

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £99

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LinkedIn For Business

Of course, LinkedIn can be a powerful traffic, lead and customer generation platform.

This course shows you step by step how to tune into nearly 800 million global LinkedIn users. Discover how to set-up right, get attention and drive real consumers to your product offering. 

Included With Pro & Gold Membership

Course Value £49

Creating Authority Content

In an increasingly online world, content is the undisputed King.

This  video course will help you create compelling content that will be devoured by your prospects. Beyond that, you’ll discover how to create different types of content and use it to drive traffic and leads to your online business. 

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £99

Website Engagement & CRO

You spend a fortune in time and money to bring targeted prospects to your website.

This video course demonstrates how to get maximum visitor engagement to enhance your website conversion rate. Must know strategies and tactics to adopt to ensure your website business gets optimal business. 

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £99

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Google Optimisation

You may have heard about SEO. It’s an important part of your website and digital marketing if you want free, targeted traffic from Google – every day.

This optmisation course is perfect for those who have taken our wordpress website design course – it shows you how to opptimise your WP website so Google ranks you higher on its engine. 

Included With Pro & Gold Membership

Course Value £49

Marketing On FB Groups

You may know of FB groups. You may even belong to some. As a business, people in Facebook groups can be some of the most easy to find, and highly motivated buyers.

 This powerful course reveals the easy to copy tactics to penetrate Facebook groups, and create a steady stream of zero cost, powerful leads that turn into sales.

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £99

Free Facebook Traffic

If you’re building your online business and brand, it is valuable to squeeze out every last piece of free traffic available.

This useful free Facebook traffic course explores clever, easy to set-up streams of Facebook traffic that you can use on a daily basis. Facebook has all the traffic your business needs – reach them today.

Included With Pro & Gold Membership

Course Value £49

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Marketing On TikTok

TikTok has over 800 million users, and represents a unique marketing opportunity.

It can be a powerful channel for many businesses to generate leads and sales.

Discover how your business would benefit from a presence, and put in place the best practice strategies for traffic and lead gen using TikTok. 

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £49

Modern Niche Marketing

If you operate in a niche marketing from medical to finance, there are some clever ways to reach your potential customers through digital marketing.

In this video course, you’ll learn powerful techniques to market any niche product or service, and ensure you get maximum return on your time and ad investment.

Included With Pro Membership

Course Value £99

Even More…

Full Course & Resource List

There’s literally too much inside our member areas to feature in the catalogue – with several more added each and every month. It’s why many of our clients say membership to our academy is the single best investment they have made for their business.

Below is the full list of courses and resources currently available. Simply click on the course for full details:

Social Networking Boost (Gold & Pro)

Marketing Your Business On Facebook (Gold & Pro)

Setting Up Your Blog To Generate Leads & Customers (Gold & Pro)

 Promoting Your Business With Digg (Gold & Pro)

How To Write Your First Ebook (Gold & Pro)

Twitter Traffic Course (Gold & Pro) 

Accelerate Your Online Business (Pro)

HTML Course (Gold & Pro)

Key Traffic Tactics Video Course (Pro) 

Setup Webinars For Business (Pro)

Internet Marketing For Beginners (Gold & Pro)

Advanced Facebook Ads (Pro)

Automate Your Social Media Marketing (Gold & Pro)

Driving Conversions Via Webinars  (Pro)

Set-Up An Ecommerce Business With Woo Commerce (Pro)

Media Buying For Business Success (Pro)

 Creating Social Media Apps For Business Generation (Gold & Pro)

Implement A Chatbot For Your Business (Gold & Pro)

Promo Video Creation Course (Pro)

Setting Up A Profitable Sales Funnel For Your Business (Pro)

WordPress Web Design Training Course (Gold & Pro)

Digital Press Release Kit (Gold & Pro)

Social Media Masters (Pro)

Instagram Advertising Success (Pro)

Modern Niche Marketing (Pro)

TikTok Marketing (pro)

 Email Marketing Fundamentals (Gold & Pro)

Consumer Research (Pro)

Modern Vlogging (Gold & Pro)

Free Traffic & leads From PDF Files (Pro)

Facebook Groups Marketing (Pro)

Google Optimisation Blueprint (Gold & Pro)

Website Engagement & CRO (Gold & Pro)

Implementing A Chatbot In Your Website (Gold & Pro)

Promo Video Creation Course (Pro)

Free Facebook Traffic Stratregies (Gold & Pro)

Profitable Sales Funnels (Pro)

Creating Authority Content (Pro)

LinkedIn For Traffic Generation (Gold & Pro)

 Media Buying Traffic System (Gold & Pro)

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